The Geography Ninja

What is a Geography Ninja?

It all began about 10 years ago, in a classroom far, far away.  I was trying to find a way to engage my mostly reluctant students in appreciating and learning about the world in which they live.  My life and my thoughts on teaching had been dramatically altered by a trip to China and South Korea, and I was deeply motivated to recharge my approach to my classroom and my students.  In a moment of clarity insanity, I decided that I should take my students on a trip…a trip to Asia…we were going to Japan!  At first, they didn’t believe me.  One girl – who is forever in my heart, crossed her arms and challenged me, CHALLENGED ME and my intentions.  “Is this really going to happen, or is this one of those things teachers say but never do?”  I am extremely proud to say that not only did that happen, but SHE was with us.  In fact, she went on several of my other student trips and to this day, I follow her travel posts.  She is a great traveler and one of my favorite travel companions of all time.

Well, while we were on that trip…things happened…secret things…things which I cannot reveal in order to protect the secret code of the gang we formed, national security  the privacy of my students.  One thing we discovered on that trip was that ninjas are cool.  Upon our return, I discovered that there were 17 things that ninjas had to study in order to become ninjas…and would you believe it…GEOGRAPHY was one of those 17 things!!!!  So is Meteorology and a bunch of training with weapons.  HOW COOL IS THAT?  And so, the Geography Ninja was born.  From that moment, my students all began their ninja training by taking my class.  As their loyal and dedicated sensai, I continually work to find new and fascinating ways to bring the world to them and to explain all that is cool and amazing about this place we call home.

I built this website in order to help other geography teachers who are struggling to decide what to teach and how to get their students really learning in geography.  As a reader of my site, you too, have become a Geography Ninja in training.  I hope you will find something on my site to invigorate your teaching and your travels.  Welcome to my world!

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