The Geography Ninja

The Geography of Food Project

One of my favorite ways to illustrate difficult concepts in Geography is to use food.  No, I don’t mean bribing the kids to do their work with the promise of candy when they are through.  I mean taking one commodity and using it to teach how different concepts interact with each other as products, ideas, and people move across the globe.  Every year, my students listed “The Geography of Chocolate” lesson as their favorite lesson of the year – by a LARGE margin.  I began to expand to other products, and while not all of them were as popular (I can’t believe they didn’t LOVE the Geography of Spinach), they all provided the holy trinity of teaching – higher order thinking, in-depth concepts, and high student engagement.  Over the next few years, I will be creating resources, maps, and formal lessons as I expand upon those earlier activities.  Check back here for some free teasers!