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Local to Global: Geographic Connections – This is another curriculum project that I worked on for the Texas Alliance for Geographic Education.  These lessons were written to assist Middle School Social Studies teachers incorporate geographic content in their social studies courses.  There are several resources for use in Texas and US History courses for 4th – 8th grade, as well as the 6th grade World Cultures course.  All of the lessons are aligned with the TEKS for the appropriate grade level and include important skills to develop spatial thinking across the social studies curriculum, including my Annotated Sketch Map and my TRAPPED in a Map analysis activity.

Outline Maps – Finding quality outline maps is a real struggle for teachers.  I have never seen a better collection than that developed by the Arizona Geographic Alliance.  Props to them for fulfilling such a fundamental need.  Their outline map collection includes, world regions, several projections of the world as a whole, thematic maps, and even some for younger students.  The maps are really clear, easy to print, and excellent.  You really won’t need to look any further!

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