The Geography Ninja

Conference Presentations

I have been extremely fortunate over the years to have been able to present at some amazing conferences.  In my attempt to be paperless, I generally do not provide printed handouts during my presentations.  But, I didn’t want my audience to have to dig too far into my website to find the materials I promised them.  So, this page is dedicated to the free lesson and resource handouts from my conference presentations.  Please send me an email if you use them.  I always appreciate feedback!  Thanks so much!

A Cuban Odyssey Power Point – (TCSS, Corpus Christi Oct 2016)  I had such a tremendous time presenting at this year’s conference because I was able to co-present with my favorite co-presenter ever – my son!  This power point is an overview of Cuban history as it is typically reported in American history classrooms followed up with pictures and additional information from our trip to Cuba in July, 2016.  Lessons, essays, and articles are in the process of being crafted for a special publication dedicated to this trip, which was sponsored by NCGE.  I’ll post information about the publication as it draws closer.

Pura Vida Lessons for Teaching Latin America – (TCSS, Fort Worth Oct 2015)These lessons were developed as part of a grant written by Dr. Jo Beth Oestreich at Texas State University and funded by the National Geographic Education Foundation.  They are designed to be used in 6th grade World Cultures courses in Texas and are aligned with the TEKS, CCRS, and ELPS.  There are lessons and resources for Political Geography, Economic Geography, Physical Geography and Social Geography.  Each unit contains a lesson plan and a case study.  All materials were produced by myself, unless otherwise noted in the lesson.