The Geography Ninja

A Cuban Odyssey

As I am finalizing my slide presentation for this weekend’s Texas Council for the Social Studies conference, it occurred to me that I had never actually posted any of my journal entries from our Cuba trip this summer.  I guess that is the danger of Facebook.  It is so easy to publish snippets of your trip, and you never get around to posting more substantial reports of your adventures.  And then, life gets in the way and all those wonderful adventures are moved aside as you struggle to survive in the maelstrom of day to day life.  Perhaps that is why I love to travel so much.  Even though I allow plenty of time for down-time and exploration, there is something comforting in the sort of planned regimentation to travel that I can just never achieve in real life.  Try as I might, I just cannot plan my days down to the minute at home – even if I wanted to – something ALWAYS interferes.  Lack of contact with the outside world severely limits the interruptions to your plans while on tour.  I think not having to do chores helps.  I will definitely post my slides from Friday’s presentation so those of you who may find them useful can download them for use in your own classrooms.  I’ll try to post some journal excerpts, as well.  In the meantime, I hope all of you who are Texas SS teachers are planning to join us in Corpus for the conference.  October may not be the BEST time to visit the Texas coast, but it is definitely not the worst time, either.  Along the way, we’ll be stopping by a few colleges Austin is considering, so it will be a busy trip, for sure.  Take care and happy travels.  Michelle

UPDATE:  My slides from the Cuba presentation have been posted on the Conference Presentations page.  I’ll post a new blog when the special publication is announced.  Thanks!