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Welcome to Southeast Asia and Field Study

Welcome to Southeast Asia! – Most students have had little to no exposure to the cultures and landscapes of Southeast Asia, and many may have under-developed understandings of the region. The purpose of this lesson is to provide students with an entry level collection of sounds and visuals which they can refer back upon while building further knowledge of the region. It is intended to be used as the very first lesson of the unit, but the photo essay itself can reappear throughout the unit for various purposes – including as a prompt for a final analysis of the region.

Welcome to SE Asia Teaching Guide

Welcome to Southeast Asia!

SE Asia Photo Essay

Asian Market Field Study – The purpose of this assignment is to increase students’ awareness of the role ethnic markets play in an immigrant community, to compare that role to the role played by chain grocery stores, and to practice some important research methods in human geography, including field observation and informal interviews. This lesson can be used as part of a World Regional Geography class unit on the cultural geography of North America, a unit on whichever particular region the particular ethnicity emigrated from, or as part of a Human Geography course unit on culture and/or immigration. It can also be used for teacher training as a model for conducting a field assignment with their own students.

Asian Market Field Study